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Care Home Services

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At Pillo, we understand your need first class, reliable pharmacy support. We developed Pillo Care Home Services to help you do what you do best and continue to deliver high quality, personalised care to your residents. 

What we do

Innovative MDS Pouches – Medication for each resident is sorted by time and date into individual pouches per drug round. You receive a 28-day supply of pouches that arrive as a roll in chronological order, inside a neat dispenser box. 

Free and friendly – Our MDS service and delivery is free of charge. You'll also have a dedicated communication line with the pharmacy team so that you can always get in touch us.  

CQC compliance – We help you to stay compliant with CQC guidance by conducting pharmacist audits, providing all patient information leaflets and descriptions for all pouched medication each cycle. 

Prescription processing – Simple and effective prescription ordering. We take the lead in chasing missing prescriptions and keeping you informed. 


eMAR – We work with best in class eMAR technologies, if this is something you are looking to utilise over paper based MAR charts. 

Original pack dispensing – If pouches aren't suitable for you, we can also supply medication in original pack boxes and bottles. You'll still receive the other benefits of our services. 

How it helps

Saves you time– On average, nurses at Salford Royal Hospital saved 87 minutes per day when using pouches (1). They aren't the only ones - since introducing the Pillo system, our care homes have saved countless hours during drug rounds. 

Reduces errors – Medication error rates in care homes has been shown to be 3 times lower when using MDS over original pack (2). Automated production of pouches at Pillo means that error rates are considerably lower than traditional MDS trays.

And there's more...

The extra bits– We provide medication trolleys and fridges for free upon signing. 

Homely remedies– Order all your homely remedies from us at low prices and delivered for free. 

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